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Dating Advice for Women

So you're single, over 40, and unsure where to begin when it comes to dating. A lot of the dating advice for women out there is tailored for ladies in their 20s, and it doesn't seem very relevant to you or your situation. Sound familiar? You're not alone in wanting dating advice that works for you. Whether you've been married before, have children, or just aren't looking for the same kind of relationships as in your younger years, dating advice for women like you should focus on what's really relevant. Tips on “which bar to visit on a date” and “when should you go home with him” can seem alien to you these days, and it's no wonder. We're sure you've done a lot more than kissing, and even if you've never asked out a man before you'll be a more confident person these days.

With this in mind, at LoveBeginsAt we've written up some of the top online dating advice for women over 40, focusing on ways to help you that suit your situation. We're not talking about things you've already done here, we're talking aligning your dating approach to who you are now. Once you've read it, why not sign up for LoveBeginsAt.com, and create your free profile today? We're sure you'll find a lovely man who's willing to help you get into the dating game!

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Dating Tips for Women

Be honest about what you're looking for: are you interested in a long-term relationship with someone? Are you looking for a responsible man who understands what it’s like to have kids? Looking for a man who shares your hobbies? If you sit down and ask yourself who you're looking for, you'll know better what to look for when dating.

Don't think your options are limited: there's a lot of discussion about “all the good men being taken” when you're over 40 and single. As dating experts, we know that simply isn't true. Think about it – there are bound to be thousands of single men of a similar age in your very city, never mind your state. Are you really so sure you'll like none of them? The only way to find out, according to our dating experts, is to meet them and see! You don't know if you like something until you try it, and it's the same with dating.

Invest in yourself, first: make sure you're the best version of yourself when you start dating. You know, the lady with the hobbies, interests and positive outlook on life. Not the one who spends her weekends cleaning or binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. Attractiveness isn't everything to men over 40, but if you present a confident, well-dressed appearance on a date, your inner mood will be lifted as well. So pick your best clothes (or your favorite stylish ones) and you're sure to look like you're as invested in the date as he is.

Online Dating Tips for Women

Don't be a complainer: we're sure you won't, but it's not something you want potential suitors to associate with you. We're all mature adults who have things in our lives – and pasts – but if you go on about it at length, make him uncomfortable or annoyed, then you're out of luck. If you need to let it out, talk to friends and family, and then simply enjoy his company until you get to know one another better.

Fill out your profile: this online dating tip is the number one rule for single men and women over 40. People want to know more about you than your picture and name, so say a little about yourself and you're more likely to find someone with similar interests. Follow a cause, have an interesting job or lifelong hobby? Tell us! We (and our male users) want to hear about it.

If you're not feeling it, it's okay: chatting with a man online, but not that interested? Someone checking your profile a lot, but you’re not interested in him? That's okay! You don't have to like everyone back. If you enjoy chatting with him but the chemistry isn't there, consider having him as a friend rather than a partner. If you're not interested at all, be flattered by the attention, move on, and find someone who you do like. Online dating works to suit you, so make use of it!


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