Over 60 Dating: Advice for the New Year

It’s 2015 and the dating experts at LoveBeginsAt want all of our over sixty singles to make the most of the new year. “New year, new you” is a cliché: at your age, don’t you think you’re pretty great already? But we know what it’s like: when you’re dating over 60 you might feel like your options are limited – but changing all the best things about you won’t help. Be yourself and you’ll find your options aren’t limited, they’re just better.
dating-in-new-year Wanting a happy, healthy relationship doesn’t stop once you hit 60 and many other singles your age feel the same – all you need to do to is give yourself the chance to meet them. Why not take advantage of the chill of winter to get to know people online? Chatting to potential dates online removes the awkwardness of a first meeting to a huge extent – you’ll have “met” them before. You’ll have conversations to refer back to if the actual one lulls, and it definitely removes the unwanted interference of friends and family. You know the kind – where your good friend tells you of their other “good friend” who’s single, gorgeous and desperate to meet you. When they never materialise it can feel like you’ve been jilted (and they may never have existed in the first place) so meeting someone on your own gives a lot of the power back to you. It’s a situation where others are only aware of it if you want them to be, which can be advantageous if you’re divorced or think your children might find it a little hard to accept that their parent wants to have fun!

Once you move onto meeting your date, there’s a few things you should keep in mind, especially if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. Singles over 60, whether male or female, would do well to keep these in mind when going on date one and beyond. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated

Dress well: put your best foot forward by putting on your best clothes – nicest, newest, whatever makes you feel good. It’ll be noticed!

Plan dates together: why not plan what you’d like to do together? You might realise that neither of you really want to do the whole “cinema, dinner, drinks” thing.

Embrace your “baby boomer” mentality: think back to your younger days – the hope, the positivity and your reassurance that things were gonna’ be cool. Has that changed for you, really? Why not embrace your younger positivity and bring that into your dating life now?

Dating at 60 doesn’t have to be different: do you still have the same interests as you did twenty, thirty years ago? Just because you’re over 60 it doesn’t mean you can’t still do the things you used to do. If you enjoy long parties, late night dates and raunchy cinema trips, embrace it.

Be on the same page: if you’ve had time to chat to your date online beforehand, then hopefully you’ll be on the same page – but make sure you know what you want before you meet them. This can be in terms of relationship expectations, dating wishes or even what you want to chat about.

There you have it – some quick ways you can ensure that you’ll make the most of a date when you’re single over 60! Want to know more? Why not visit our page on over 60s dating for tips on how to make your profile look its best.