A day out. Festival – Happy days honouring Samuel Beckett

The name says it all.

Happy Days is a Festival which celebrates Irish writer Samuel Beckett. A birthday we have been waiting for, though not as long as Vladimir and Estragon have been waiting for Godot.

Beckett is one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, a man with a cynical sense of humour, whose work lives on and improves with age (remind you of anyone?).

If you’re not in Ireland then why not go there. Spend the weekend differently. Take the kids, the dog and the granny over to Enniskillen. You could even invite the person you’ve been talking to so often on LoveBeginsAt. Make it a little more than a main course and pudding.

This is an opportunity to discover and share with your companion and family. The festival offers, plays, visual art, talks, concerts, the lot! So much so that it’s more than enough to keep everybody happy and entertained.