A night in – The secret life of Walter Mitty

Summer’s here, but we’ve a left-field recommendation for you this week. Ben Stiller’s Walter Mitty is that classic ‘regular guy with a regular job’ whose inevitable movie-worthy adventure make the rest of ordinaries end up feeling even more so!


“Life is about courage and going into the unknown“

But here’s why you shouldn’t be downbeat: While a comfortable mid-week evening away with this story of dreams, routines, travel and love. The film is stuffed with just the sort of envy-inspiring images and vistas, sea-, mountain-, and landscapes – and a beautiful energetic soundtrack – to get the cogs turning on your late summer or winter holiday planning.

The viewing of this film requires the following:

– a raining summer evening at home
– a holiday brochure
– your drink of choice
– chocolate dipped strawberries.

Don’t read the paper or heed the enraged teenage critics… watch, relax, and plan!