Are women still getting a raw deal when it comes to sex?

Even after 45, expectations can still differ between men and women when it comes to one thing: Sex. And one-night-stands, it appears, are particularly to blame.


We came across an interesting piece recently in which Dr Terri Apter, a Cambridge psychologist, digs deeper into the real intentions and psychology of women and men regarding one night stands.

What happens when two complete strangers agree on sharing that most intimate moment together? It can sound so pure and humane, and it is in a sense. For one night, we can put aside all the taboos,  social mores and other norms directed by society, to simply enjoy ourselves.

The morning after

But in the morning, we come back to reality. Instead of sipping a coffee and saying “thank you for last night”, we tangle up in emotions that should not be and contradict the purpose of socialising in the first place. Many go into a one night stand succumbing to a natural need, and end up stressing and brainstorming  the concepts of love and relationships.

We’re all human, all too human and we can’t help but over think situations. One night stands are a casual common event, but seem to affect women more than men. is it too carnal to be casual? Given that it is a mutual act, why does it end up troubling just one party?

Tell us what you think

Are men’s and women’s motivations really all that different when it comes to sex? Or are we all just after one thing in the end?