The Best Dating Books for Over 45s

Life. Love. Breaking up… Making up?

Most of us have been there. And today there are published and paper-backed words of wisdom on almost everything to do with relationships and dating. Yet we all know that dating books should be taken with a pinch of salt, right? That may not be true, but just make sure you don’t read it at the dinner table!

There’s plenty out there, so which internet dating booksare actually worth reading? You may think they’re cringe-worthy or compelling, but there are some “how to date” books worth leafing through. And, if you’re dating over 40, there’s always room for learning new things from one of these live-saving guides.

Here’s our internet dating book reviews from

Dating Success After 40

By Nancy Michaels and Neil Wood


Based on their collective experiences as marketing and sales experts, this dating book gives you straightforward tips to apply to the “business” of seeing yourself as someone to be marketed to potential partners. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that finding love requires hard work, but at over 40 you’ve been working for years, and putting in some extra effort to get what you want is nothing new to you. What’s even better is that this book offers a male and female perspective, giving you a great overview of the dating game from both sides.

All the Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr Right

By Ellen Fein

Rules are always subjective – but they may compel you to read this book. As its names suggests, the paperback flags up a few rules for internet daters to abide by. And you may reproach yourself on those you did not follow in the past, and hopefully do things better by adopting new rules in the future. Some daters, however, might prefer the newer title Not Your Mother’s Rules, by the same author.

The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Internet Dating: The premier men’s resource for finding, attracting, meeting and dating women online

By Edgar II Howard Martin

It might not have the shortest title, yet this guide could be handy for men wanting women to email them. Quickly! Some reviewers claim they’ve had a date within two weeks of reading it. Astrology sceptics may have to throw a little a caution to wind as the book goes into detail about star signs.

I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Common sense Guide to Successful Internet Dating

By Evan Marc Katz

This insightful companion is enlightening, telling you how to go on a date after meeting someone online successfully. One of many dating books for men, this title examines how to market yourself in a positive way. Katz’s advice: “You should listen to me, single women, because I’m the kind of amazing man you’d want to date”. Modesty in the making.

The Savvy Woman’s Guide

By Linda J. Maynard

Whether or not this is among the best dating books for women, it takes you through some uncharted territory within internet dating, demystifying meeting someone online. Helping you learn from the past and to prepare for the future, the book is a useful guide to the “dark arts” and meeting someone special on the web.

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