Break the Record for The Longest Kiss This Kissing Day


Have you ever wondered where kissing came from? Some researchers believe that it stems from when mammal moms used to chew their food and “force” it into the mouths of their kids. So, in theory, all humans must have learned how to kiss from this mother/child food exchange. Too bad this theory is debunked because there are some cultures that do not kiss and have no idea what it was until they were shown.

Although the reason why people started to kiss remains a mystery, there is no denying that it is something that we have come to love and practice quite often. Since 1000 BC, when Mahabharata wrote an epic poem that described the act of kissing on the lips, the world has been kissing fiends.

Today, we are so entranced by the act of kissing, the UK has recognized July 6th as International Kissing Day, so that we can truly appreciate the kiss and all its glory. In fact, the entire world has noticed the day and have adopted it, thus making it National Kissing Day. Hurrah for the rest of the world!

World’s Longest Kiss

Did you know that the world’s longest recorded kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds? This incredible kiss was exchanged between a couple from Thailand, Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat. The amorous couple attended an event that was organized by Ripley’s Believe it or Not! In Pattaya, Thailand on February 12-14 2013. Although nine couples entered the event (one of which included a married couple in their 70s), the Tiranarat’s won the record… Not once, but twice, as they won the record once before. Their prize for the longest smooch? A cash prize and two diamond rings — plus another Guinness World record title.

Kissing Title for All Ages

Much like that married couple in their 70s, there is no age limit on trying to break the world record! Why, you could be friends in your 20s, dating in your 40s, or married in your 60s! The point of the matter is, kissing is something that everyone should enjoy; and breaking a world record only adds to the fun.

Although historians, scientists, and even anthropologists may not be able to explain why we kiss or when it first originated, ask yourself, “Does it matter?” You cannot credit the kiss to any inventor like you would the television or the radio. All you need to know is that it feels good and it a part of most of our history as human beings.

So, the next time you lean in for that smooch, revel in the moment — whether it is the first kiss, a passionate kiss, or a kiss goodbye. And if you feel that your kissing techniques could use some help, never hesitate to ask a friend for useful tips. After all, a great kiss is a great prelude to something much more involved.