Dating Advice for Women over 40

It’s time for single women over 40 to take charge and start dating to suit you. Take your age and make it your best feature: think empowered lady, not nonsense-nanny! You’re established, you’re fabulous, and anyone you choose to date better know how lucky they are. Not feeling quite confident about dating in your 40s yet? Why not check out these great ideas specially chosen for women over 40. Dating has definitely changed:
dating-women-over Take some time getting your profile perfect: you want it to reflect what’s best about you, right? Singles over 40 have so much to offer, so showcase everything you love to do and everything you’ve achieved. We’re sure the men will be knocking themselves over to ask you out, and it’ll help if there’s someone you’re thinking of asking on a date.

If the date doesn’t interest you, suggest an alternative: if you’re keen to go on a date with a member but don’t feel like doing what they suggest, why not come up with a few ideas yourself? It’s the 21st Century, and nobody can deny that single ladies over 40 know what they love to do. If he’s a keeper, he’ll be keen to keep you entertained.

Plan any dates to suit you: got kids, commitments or other reasons you can’t party the night away? One of the most important tips for dating in your 40s is that you can make your dates suit your lifestyle now. Even if you don’t have commitments, if the idea of staying in a bar until 3am makes you wanna run for the hills, pick up your duvet on the way and crack out a good book, then tell them! As before: if he’s keen he’ll want to do what you want too.

Embrace your age: being in your 40s isn’t a stigma, it’s an asset! Make it your best one and relish in the fact that you’re confident, mature as a person and over any insecurities from your younger years. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who wears their age well, no matter what age that is. Make the most of an evening out and make yourself irresistible.

Make any date something to write home about: you’ve worked hard for your well-earned cash, so why not enjoy it? Spend a little extra and go for a sumptuous three-courser at that restaurant you’ve always admired. You’ll be talking about it for weeks, and it’s bound to have a great follow up!

Really, the most important advice for single women over 40 is to be true to yourself in any dating situation. When you’re dating men over 40 they’re (hopefully!) going to be different from the awkward boys or party-boys of your 20s, and if they’re not then extract yourself gracefully and move on. Any dating tips for women over 40 should be shouting about how great you are, so don’t forget that. You deserve the best – go find it, gorgeous!