Dating a Divorced Man

So you’ve met someone and things are going well. They make you laugh and you’re both having fun. The only problem is that he’s divorced. Should you be concerned? Well, in a word, no.

We’ve all got a past, some of it we’re proud of, some of it not so much! But as long as you’re aware of a few things, dating a divorced man shouldn’t be any problem at all.


Reasons to date a divorced man

He won’t be scared of commitment: Seeing as he’s taken the plunge and walked down the aisle before, chances are that he’ll not run off should things get serious. Even though his previous marriage might not have worked out, he was at least willing to create a strong relationship before, so why not again?

He won’t be worried by your dating history: The fact that he’s experienced in love will also likely mean that he’s comfortable with your romantic past. We all have history, and having a marriage in his past should mean he is accepting of whatever is in yours.

He’ll probably be good with children: When dating a divorced man with kids it’s always important to remember that they are a priority in his life, but is that any different from you and your children, if you have any? Dating divorced dads means that he’ll be accepting of your own children, and they say that being a dad brings out the best in men!

Advice for dating divorced men

Don’t worry about his ex: You might not like her calling him, but it’s important to remember that she was an important part of his life and may well continue to be, especially if kids are involved. It’s important to remember that she isn’t competition and that their marriage ended, and he’s with you for a reason! So relax.

Remember to give him space: While the fact that he isn’t scared of commitment is definitely a good reason for dating a divorced man, it’s also important to remember not to rush things. This is especially true if the divorce was fairly recent. He might be fine, but you want to make sure and give your new relationship the space and time to properly flourish.

Don’t push for a meeting with his kids: Even the most amicable divorce can be traumatic for children, and even though you think you’ll get on with his kids like a house on fire, it’s important not to push for a relationship with them too quickly. Just be there and demonstrate your value to their dad and they’ll get to know you in their own time. It’s important to remember that getting introduced to them is a big step for him too, no matter whether they’re 5 or 25!

Divorced dating in general

The idea of taming a life-long bachelor may seem attractive, but it’s definitely not the only option out there. Divorced men may come with their own idiosyncrasies, but they’ve been there and done that and know how to coexist with another person. Not only that, chances are that they’ve learned from their experiences and may even be better equipped this time around!

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