Dating A Single Dad


There are more single parents dating in the UK than you’d expect; it’s no longer anything to worry about in the 21st century, with single mums and dads all over the country enjoying more freedom in their romantic lives than ever before. At over 45, you’re quite likely to meet a single parent dating, just like you. You might even hit it off. They’re mature, looking for adult company, and more likely to want great conversation, a nice meal and something with more entertainment than the standard noisy bar date of your younger years. What’s not to like?

Already found a great guy, but unsure what to do about getting to know his kids? Check out LoveBeginsAt’s top tips for dating a single dad, and you’ll sail past any awkwardness and straight into the arms of your responsible, great-with-kids guy. We promise.

Tips for Dating Single Dads

Dating with kids: take them or leave them? Of course, he might want to bring the kids along on a date, especially if it’s going well and he wants to introduce you. Think carefully about whether you’re ready to meet them. At over 45, he could have children as young as babies or pretty much grown up. This’ll obviously dictate how your date goes, so have the discussion beforehand about whether you’d like to take the little one to the park, humour his teenager or go for a meal with his adult children. It’s definitely a positive thing: he wouldn’t just introduce the kids to anyone, so see it as the compliment it is, even if you’re not quite ready to meet them yet.

Dealing with the dreaded “ex”: when it comes to single parents, dating has the added discomfort of potential regular contact with their ex, especially with younger kids. Take it like the mature adult you are; you’ve all got a history at your age, and he’ll appreciate it more if you’re reasonable about the whole thing. Of course, we’re not saying you should be an angel: you don’t have to like them!

Kids say the darndest things: prepared for the embarrassing questions? You probably should be: whether you’ve kids of your own or not, you know kids can say the most awkward things. Dating a single dad is probably going to raise the inevitable series of questions you can’t or don’t want to answer… but try not to worry about it! It’s up to him to take the lead here. Have a discussion about how you want to present yourself to his children (depending on their age, of course) and feel confident in the knowledge that his kids are interested enough to ask. That’s probably a good sign!