Dating single mothers

The idea of dating single mothers might appear a little daunting. At first that is. Grumpy kids, troublesome teenagers, and the prospect of being a surrogate dad later down the line might wrinkle the brows of even the most seasoned dater.

But let’s calm our jets: we’re not talking about taking her kids to school or university. Yet! After all, you’re building a relationship with the woman who’s caught your eye first. Bonding with her “mini me’s” will come later…

Check out LoveBeginsAt’s top tips for dating a single mum below!

Single mum dating advice

Ok, so you don’t need to be a Superman – our single mum dating advice could help you to meet that ‘lovely lady’, whether you’re a Clark Kent or more like his superhero alter ego. When she’s single with kids, dating can feel like a bit of a luxury, but at LoveBeginsAt we want to show you everything great about dating single mothers. And look at the benefits: you might even get to play endless games of Scalextric and Fifa 2015 on Xbox!

Be cool, calm and collected.Like Superman himself, the best single parent dating advice is to take things slowly rather than jump in with your Clark Kent size 10s! Remember that a woman with kids will have a great deal on her mind besides you, and there’s certainly no room for another child in her life. There’s the existing relationship between the mother and her children, a potential bond between them and their father – and of course the new relationship you’ll be establishing together.

Your time together is precious. Dating a single mum doesn’t have to disrupt your dating flight path. However, it’s vital that you both get to know each other to form a bond before taking things further. Set a date away from her home every so often, so that you can have some quiet time together and show her how she’s special to you.

Single parenting is a 24/7 endeavour.  Almost like the caped hero saving people’s lives, and it’s no less challenging if the mother has to work. Be prepared to fit in around her lifestyle and hectic childcare commitments, and acknowledge that your date could be cancelled a few times… you may even have to share a date or two with the kids. And no, Scalextric will not be on the cards this time!

Get involved. Once you get to know each other and she’s comfortable in inviting you home to meet the kids, take an interest in them. What are their hobbies? If they are of school or university age be enthusiastic about what they’re doing. However, unlike Superman, draw the line at teaching them to fight crime or harness their super powers!

Enjoy it! This is our final piece of single parent dating advice. The relationship might come with a few ‘extras’ yet don’t most things in life?! Again, you don’t have to whisk her off her feet for a romantic “fly” around the city – but a little old-fashioned chivalry could go a long way…