Dinner Dates for Singles

Going on a dinner date is a tried and tested classic, and it’s popular for loads of reasons. First and foremost, it gives you something to talk about (which is great for dealing with nerves, providing you don’t choose something that requires a culinary degree to tackle eating) and it’s a great opportunity to intersperse small bursts of conversation with, well, eating. Singles dating often fall back on this classic, but there’s a few hard and fast rules you should follow to make sure you hit the sweet spot when it comes to having the perfect dinner date for singles.

  1. Are you choosing? Make sure you know of any dietary requirements. Imagine the disaster if you picked a steak restaurant for a veggie, but remember that this is vice versa too. Don’t complain if you keep mum and your date takes you to hell-on-earth for your eating requirements.
  2. Think about budget. Is it date number one? Maybe you don’t want to raise expectations too high here, or embarrass your date if they can’t afford to go. Dating over 40 doesn’t need to extend to Michelin restaurant meals every week. Think of going to mid-range to fancy, and save the special restaurants for special occasions.
  3. Timing is important, too. If you work Monday to Friday, sometimes it can be a lovely midweek break to go for a meal on a Wednesday or Thursday. It might stop you from having more than one drink, but you’ll avoid the busy weekend crowds and have time to get to know one another.
  4. Consider attending organised dinner parties for singles. Cripplingly shy, can’t choose where to eat or just don’t have the confidence for a one on one meal yet? Try and attend organised singles nights, which often include some kind of meal or nibbles. Even if you don’t hit it off with your date, you can still say you’ve had a fun evening, and it’s a popular way of making friends over 40.
  5. Got a familiar favourite? Try and eat there if possible (unless it’s the kind of place you wouldn’t like to take a date!) and choose your favourite dish. The familiarity might help with nerves, and you know the food will be good. This is one of our top dinner dating tips, and it’s not a one trick pony either! If the date went well the first time, it’s a perfectly good excuse to go back a few dates later and relive the memory. And eat your favourite meal!

There you have it – some of the top do’s and don’ts for singles dating over dinner. Follow these tips and you’re likely to avoid spaghetti, slow service or bad food related catastrophes. Like we said before, dinner dates for singles are popular because they work well as a way of getting to know your date. So take advantage of them, pluck up your courage and enjoy dating for you!