How to Dress Sexy for Dating Over 40

By Sybil Henry

Dressing sexy over 40 requires a very different approach from years of the past.  The strategy is to choose a look and feel that is sensual rather than all out sexy. Sexy style over 40 is also accompanied by the best accessory, an attitude of confidence and comfort with yourself, that’s magnetizing!

Here are my top 10 tips to dressing sexy over 40:

#1  If you’d wear it to work, ditch it for a date

If your outfit would look great for work, it is not a date worthy outfit. Make choices that would not be appropriate for the office; that is the best barometer for the right date look.

#2  Avoid anything too tight, too short or too low
Sexy style over 40 is skimming the curves of your body versus clingy. If you’re going to wear a short skirt or dress, choose a length that is slightly shorter than you’d wear to work.

#3  Show a little skin
Showing a little skin is an essential dating style strategy! However, follow the rule of choosing one skin baring focal point. For instance, if you choose to show cleavage, avoid a short hemline. If you choose a short skirt or dress, make sure there is no cleavage showing.

#4  Choose animal prints sparingly
Animal prints have now become the iconic cougar look. However, when animal prints are worn well, they can look sexy and many women say they feel even sexier wearing it. Steer clear of allover animal print pants or worse, animal prints that are shiny. Skirts are fine and accessories work especially well in shoes and handbags to add a sexy boost of excitement to your style.

#5  Alluring accessories set the mood
Accessories with length, such as shoulder grazing earrings that brush against your bare shoulder, or a long necklace on your skin that ends right above the V-neckline of your top. These looks create a subtle and sensual appeal that can be distracting for all the right reasons!

#6  Heels are definitely sexy
Heels create a sexy attitude and are an excellent addition to your date outfit. The more skin your shoes bare, the sexier and date appropriate they are! In contrast, you can never go wrong with the iconicly sexy classic high heel pump. If you’re uncomfortable wearing heels, try a kitten height to give you a little lift.

#7  Transition your day face from natural to knockout
Makeup for dating looks like you put effort into your appearance but straddles the fine line of still appearing natural. Emphasizing your eyes by adding heavier shadow and framing with stronger brows will create a beautiful focal point to connect more deeply with your date.

#8  Loose, touchable hair
Moveable hair is alluring. It’s your crowning jewel and when it’s moving when you walk, or as you slightly brush your finger through your hair is very sensual. For dates, try to avoid or minimize hairspray or gel to keep your hair light and natural.

#9  Choose soft touchable, sensual fabrics
Sensual fabrics feel good to wear and great to touch. They help put you and your date in the mood for romance. Fabrics that are shiny, soft or silky are all great choices.

#10  Wear a bra that lifts and supports
the right bra that lifts your breasts is the priority. By bringing your breasts in a higher position, you create more length in your torso for a leaner, younger look. A well-fitting bra makes any outfit look better. You will also improve your posture!