Embrace the 40 and Up Dating Scene

People in their 30s dread turning 40. They often think that they will lead a boring life that is all work, the six o’clock news, pudding, and other boring stuff. That doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, dating in your 40s could be better than you ever dreamed it could be!
40-and-Up-Dating Here are some reasons why the members of LoveBeginsAt.com believe dating in your 40s is the best time to date.

1. Experience

As we grow up, we experience our fair share of heartache, disappointment, tears, and drama. We bend over backward for love and companionship — often to our own detriment. However, once we hit a certain age, we no longer care what other people think and we are going to do what we’d like. We know what we want and don’t, we know what we are willing to accept and not, and we know when to wash our hands of a situation.

2. Broad Pool of Eligible Singles

Whoever said that when you hit 40, there will be no eligible singles left for you. This is so not true! There are plenty of eligible singles when you hit 40, thanks to the divorce rate. Those who married when they were young may have divorced by now and are ready to find someone who is a better match then their ex.

3. Making the First Move

When we are younger, some of us are too afraid to make the first move. We are afraid of rejection and humiliation, and these fears can prevent you from doing a lot of things. However, when you are older, it’s almost like those fears disappear. You’ve lived, you’ve experienced heartbreak and maybe even broken a few hearts. Now that you’re 40, you have the self-confidence to go after what you want; and you are prepared for anything. Sure, being turned down still hurts, but it isn’t quite as devastating as it once was.

4. Good Relationships

As a mature adult, you know what you want. You know what will settle for. You’ve lived life and do not want to play games. Because of these things, this is when you will find the relationship that just may last. Now, we aren’t saying that relationships from when you are younger aren’t special, because they are, but relationships that begin when you are older tend to be more fulfilling and may even last because you both are grown, you’ve lived, and you are more mature.

5. Ready to Settle Down

When you are younger, you want to go out, have fun, sow your wild oats, and enjoy your youth. Yeah, there are some people who want to settle down when they are young, but once you hit 40, you are more inclined to want to create a family, have a home, and just build a life with someone special.
All of you single 39 year olds who are approaching 40, you don’t have to worry about your dating life after your birthday. You are still sexy, vivacious, and a great catch.