Essential Dating Tips For Single Women Over 40


Whoever said that dating in your 40s is going to be difficult, if not impossible could not be any more wrong. You remember how easy it was to snag a date when you were younger? It is just that easy now! Here are some essential things to remember when you are venturing out back into the dating world in your 40s.

1. The Dating Pool is Not Limited

Many women think that all the good men are taken by this age. While yes, there are probably a lot of good men happily married by now, there are also a lot of single men who are still good men — all you have to do is look! Of course, you have conventional methods of meeting people, but you also have the ability to go online, whether you use a dating website or visit a forum and get to know people that way.

2. Focus on Your Health

As an older woman, your metabolism isn’t going to be what it was as a teenager or in your twenties. Now, we aren’t saying you should focus on your health in order to find a man. We are saying that by focusing on your health will make you feel better, which will show in other aspects of your life. You will feel more confident, have more energy, and who knows… You may even meet someone at the gym!

3. Keep Your Friends Close

Even though you may be trying to find someone you want to date, never underestimate the power of having friends that you can hang out with. Besides keeping you company and being able to talk to them, they may know someone who they think would be a great catch for you. Think of your friends as personal match makers!

4. Keep Your Wealth and Achievements Quiet

While you may want to boast about your six figure bank account, your flashy car, or your big promotion, it may be best to keep your lips sealed about these details until you’ve gone out with the person for a while. Why? Simply put, you don’t want to be used. If you parade around the fact that you are well off, you will never know if the person you are seeing is into you, or into the money and perks that come along with dating you.

5. Appreciate Life

Life is too short to be wasting on someone who gives you an uneasy feeling. You don’t want to stick by a person who has some bad habits that you don’t like, simply because they pay attention to you. You should never settle for less than what you want and if their smoking is a turn off for you, then say goodbye. You deserve to be with someone that you are happy to be around and makes you feel incredible.