First Impressions

By: Nanci Kavich

Greetings online daters! I’m Nanci and I hail from the land of where we help people craft amazing online dating profiles. We also provide them with endless advice, tips and help them straighten out their dating kinks. In essence, we hold the power of first impressions in high regard.

I’ve partnered with LoveBeginsAt to share the wisdom I’ve gathered from years of research, field tests and taking one for the team. Online dating has come a long way and continues to evolve, expand, and most importantly, become more accepted in today’s society. The online dating stigma is a thing of the past.

Blog topics

Through my upcoming blog posts we will explore the ins and outs of profile writing, photo selection, digital communication and much more. Ever wondered the importance of a screen name?  Attracting lots of attention but it’s from the wrong people?  Curious if you should disclose your passion for cuddle parties?  I’ll answer these and other questions over the couple of months.

I’m here for you!

As a profile writing expert with LoveBeginsAt, I’m here to help you put your best foot forward and make the most honest and goal oriented first impressions. Not only can you gain valuable insight through my blog posts, you will also have access to me personally.  Have a question I haven’t covered? Submit your questions to me through LoveBeginsAt Twitte using #HeyNanci and I might cover your question in my next blog post. Have a more pressing issue you’d rather discuss live? I will be hosting 1:1 Google Hangouts with members where no question is off limits. To request a personal Hangout, simply post your request on LoveBeginsAt Facebook wall – and we’ll be in touch!

First Impressions Matter

Your online dating profile is an introduction and presentation of YOU to the proverbial sea filled with every type of fish imaginable, and some you wish you hadn’t imagined. You will have done your best grooming, dressing, breath freshening and current event studying. But more importantly, you will have an ease, comfort and acceptance with yourself. You will be honest, you will be brave, you will be beautiful, and you will be happy.  Plus!

Reality Bites

Just as it’s important for your profile to be polished and complete, it needs to be accurate in its description of you.  This should match the physical, emotional and mental person that will be presented in the real world on your dating adventures. Your best opportunity for a second date begins with the same first impression as your profile, personified.  Honesty is the name of the game.

40 Somethings Have More Fun

I’m most excited to be a resident expert at LoveBeginsAt since I too, am in my 40s. I’m just like you, I get it. No need to lecture you on age appropriate behaviors, shirtless bathroom selfies or disrespectful emails. You’ve been there, done that, and this is certainly not your first rodeo. Or is it? For some of you, online dating is an entirely new experience. There are no templates for profiles or instruction manuals on how to traverse this rocky landscape. Luckily, you have the life experience, intelligence and concept grasping skills to successfully navigate through this site and achieve your goals.

Same Bat Channel

So there you have it, I’m here, I’m without fear, get used to it. No topic is off limits. Let’s discuss what you’re really thinking, what you wish your fellow daters knew, and why Brad Pitt has not yet admitted that he and I are meant to be together. Oh, wait, did I just say that out loud? The point is, I am your profile writing expert and here to assist with your first impression on LoveBeginsAt. Make sure to check in with me frequently for valuable advice, suggestions and tips for all of your online dating communications. Plus, we’re going to have some fun, guaranteed!