Four dating profile tips to knock someone’s socks off

Rude, dishonest and uncaring person seeks highly-tolerant and forgiving partner who can listen to my moaning all day. Must clean up after me. GSOH essential.


Imagine if this was your dating profile. Cringe-worthy isn’t it? Such a description would benefit from some ‘serious’ dating profile tips. Especially to stop it being ignored with the same gusto as pretending not to hear your great aunt break wind at a wedding.
So what can you do to keep your head on your dating profile when all about you are losing theirs?

Tips from the Best dating profiles

The best dating profiles come from are those that are honest with others, and with themselves! Try these tips when setting up your profile.

1. Be yourself

Be yourself, as your mum may have warned you. Accentuate the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives. If you’re a bit of a party animal and hate playing Clock Patience on your own then put this on your dating bio!

2. Choose dating profile photos that show the real you, at your best

Whether you have a face that caresses or cracks the camera lens, uploading your best dating profile photos is vital to catch the eyes of as many people as possible. For your dating profile pics, go for that new haircut, ditch the fading Queen T-shirt, and give the camera a genuine (but not crazed) smile!

3. Not being true to yourself is one of many dating mistakes…

It’s back to that honesty bit again and not committing dating mistakes such as bending the truth. If you like watching A-Team reruns and state in your profile that you hate 80s’ action series then are you being true to yourself?

4. Killer first lines when starting a new relationship

Bear in mind you’re starting a new relationship, not ending it. Include upbeat and witty text on your profile or in your message. Remember the film Rainman when Raymond chats with the woman in the casino?

Woman: “What exactly do you guys do here?”
Raymond: “We’re counting cards.” (x4)
Woman: “You’re counting cards? Whoa. Look, I’m outta here.”

Enough said…

Ready to set up your profile?