Introducing Karina Louise – Online Dating Photo Expert


By: Karina Louise

My love for portrait photography was born out of pure camera fright. I hated having my picture taken, and even considered myself un-photogenic every time someone tried to snap a pic. As a result of this phobia, photos never really “looked like me.” They always seemed to look like someone else.

This only got harder as the digital age was evolving. When I set up anonline dating account, having good photos became even more necessary, so I took my photography knowledge and turned the camera on myself. With lots of practice and experimentation, this journey allowed me to discover my own inner beauty and I began to relax and enjoy the process.

I started my photography business to share with others what I had learned along the way.

I’m so happy that I followed my dreams because I absolutely love my work as an online dating photographer in San Francisco. I get to photograph some of the most fascinating people – helping them feel really confident with their online image. It’s incredibly rewarding. It makes me smile to think that a photo I took might be the first picture someone sees of his or her future spouse.

I am excited to be writing a regular feature for LoveBeginsAt! I have learned so much from my clients over the years that I truly feel I have a lot to share on the subject. Some of my topics will include:

Real Beauty– I will talk about age, perception and standards of beauty and this ever-elusive concept of self-image.

– I will talk about clothing choices, lighting and makeup tips, and provide some insight into how to look and feel your best in photos.

I want to share my expertise in the hope of connecting with the people out there who are open to finding love again or for the first time. I am looking forward to the journey, and I hope you will come along.