Introducing Sybil Henry – Style Expert

By: Sybil Henry

Hi, my name is Sybil Henry and I am thrilled to be the new Style Expert for the LoveBeginsAt community!

I’m a fashion stylist and founder of The Style Concierge, a business that helps career women and corporations maximize their brand style to accelerate their success.

I look forward to supporting those of you in the LoveBeginsAt community who want help with your style to enhance and express your most authentic and comfortable look.  My passion is meeting the unique needs of women over 40 to look and feel their best and make the second half of their lives their best and most beautiful.

I’ve been in the business of style for over three decades and worked in roles as a makeup artist, fashion designer, brand strategist, and stylist. What I’ve learned by working and speaking with countless women of all ages and sizes all over the world is that style is about so much more than clothes.

My philosophical approach is that style is about showing the essence of who you are; a combination of your values and personality. By showing your essence, you are representing your most authentic self as your visual voice, in complete alignment with who you are on the inside and showing it on the outside.

Your visual voice speaks volumes.  By revealing who you really are, you allow people to get a clear and accurate perception of who they think you are. It allows potential partners to decide if what they see is in alignment with their interests, taste preferences, values and personality.  With this approach, you allow people to make a more informed decision to approach you.

This non-verbal process is usually done within five to seven seconds! The best part of the process is that the people you attract will place more value and will be more interested in you for who you really are.  That’s the magnetic power of style!

Fashion on the other hand, is just about clothes and trends. It changes and it’s manipulative. It’s invested in you feeling not quite good enough about who you are so that you’ll feel compelled to make purchase decisions to keep up with looking younger, prettier, slimmer, more successful, etc…

You will not see or hear me discuss fashion trends. Yes, I’m well versed on what they are and when needed and appropriate, can share how to put the newest trends together.  But generally, I believe that approach is not helpful towards serving a diverse range of body types, ages and lifestyles, it’s not empowering.

What I will give is practical, usable advice about style and attraction for successful dating, with the goal of finding like-minded partners whose company you enjoy, whether you’re looking for life-long love or simply companionship.

I’d like to learn about your interests and challenges with style and dating over 40. So many women over 40 are frustrated by fashion trends, unsure how to dress for their changing bodies and don’t feel secure about the way they look – so if you’re dealing with any or all of these issues you’re definitely not alone.

Please feel free to open the conversation and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

In true concierge style, I’ll be bringing you the best resources, advice and tips to help you navigate and shortcut getting dressed in the most stress-free and enjoyable way for dates.

In advance of our conversation about your style needs, I’d like to share three of my favorite tips to get us started…

1. Dress for Your Shape, Not Your Size

This is a time to be educated about your body and learn the style strategies to dress for your shape.  By dressing for your shape, it takes the emphasis off your size and weight and brings appreciation for the things about you that are most beautiful to highlight.

2. Less is Really More…Sexy!

Show your shape, not your skin. This is a time in life when less truly is more. A woman over 40 can appear sexier and far more appealing by skimming the curves of her body, not hiding in an oversized garment or showing too much in something too tight or too low. This style strategy will show your body confidence, and confidence is always sexy!

3. Undergarments Matter Now More than Ever

Gravity is at work and a good fitting bra counters the effects by keeping your breasts in an uplifted, more youthful position. This also improves your posture. Spanx or shapewear go a long way towards creating a smooth appearance for an extra boost of body confidence.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and continuing the conversation and sharing style strategies with you to love how you look and feel over 40!