Is monogamy dead? Is having one partner for life just unrealistic?

Monogamy’s not what it used to be.

20-somethings (and now even 30-somethings) seem less inclined than ever to rush into a serious and committed relationship,  but does that have to change beyond a certain age?  Is it because our society imposes false restrictions or unreasonable expectations upon us that we hesitate to embrace more partners? Could it be that there are so many human beings on this planet, we may as well see the bright side of it?

In friendship for instance, we discover new friends all the time; we tend to prefer the company of some more than others. Is it the same with lovers, boy/girlfriends, husbands and wives?


The beauty in all of this is the fact that, even after divorce or a difficult break up, we go on loving one another or looking for love.

This serious but amusing article in the Telegraph caught our attention as it describes the assembly-line work of relationships we can have these days.

Want to know who’s the most debauched of the lot? CheckThe Greatest Lover infographic – we promise you’ll be surprised.

What do you think? 

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