LBA Event Tips

LoveBeginsAt’s events are great opportunities to meet interesting people to date. Since expressing confidence and a positive attitude attracts others, you’ll increase your chances of success if you lay the groundwork before you attend activities where you’ll meet others.

Before you go:

Look your best. You’ll be more approachable if you wear an outfit with an attractive, unique conversation-starter accessory such as an interesting piece of jewelry, tie or scarf.  Check your look–front and back–in a mirror before you leave home!

  1. Women: The best dating apparel is soft, feminine and a little sexy. Wear a skirt or dress if at all possible. Your top should lightly skim your body. If you’re coming from work, soften up your outfit by wearing a wrap or lightweight, well-fitting knit cardigan instead of a jacket. Wearing feminine shoes makes huge difference in your look.
  2. Men:  Wear well-fitting slacks and shirts. Arrive freshly showered, well groomed, dressed to impress. (I know it sounds obvious, but I frequently hear complaints in this department.)

Even though you may feel that people should like you for who you are, rather than what you look like, they need to be attracted before they will give you a chance. So, always dress to impress!

Put together a list of light, fun topics that you feel comfortable discussing. Plan to start conversations about favorite vacation destinations, hobbies or enjoyable spots for outdoor activities. Other engaging topics include favorite dining or drinks venues, current news or sports stories, and favorite movies, books or shows.

Set realistic expectations. Plan to talk with at least three new people of the opposite attraction. If your goal is to enjoy a fun evening, interact with new people and make new friends, you’ll feel more relaxed than if you are evaluating everyone to discover if they are The One.

At the event:

When you get there, smile, make flirtatious eye contact and talk with everyone you see. Bonus points if you can get them to laugh!

Use flirtatious body language:

  1. Uncross your arms
  2. Mirror the other person’s body language
  3. Reach out and touch arms or shoulders for a second or two
  4. Decrease the amount of physical space between the two of you for a minute, and then smile as you move away. Watch for a reaction. If the person is open to moving closer, it signals likely romantic interest.

If no one approaches you, pretend that you are the host of the party. Introduce yourself. Keep the conversation light, humorous and playful. Your enthusiasm will be contagious. You’ll be more appealing if you have several short flirty conversations spaced over time. Keep them wanting more.

Change the subject if the conversation gets into parenting, past relationships or work. You’re looking for possible romance––not therapy, business networking or parenting advice.

When you meet someone interesting, express your enthusiasm and let him or her know that you’re enjoying becoming acquainted. Talk about what you like to do. If you’re a woman, ask what he’s doing on the weekend and be quiet while you give him the opportunity to ask you on a date if he’s interested. If you’re a man, ask her out.

If you plan ahead and look your best, you’ll feel more positive and confident. Remember, confidence attracts!

And, if you haven’t yet signed up for an event on the LoveBeginsAt site, perhaps these tips have inspired you! Check out the events page and sign up for the next one happening in your city.