Our New London Interactive Dating Map

It’s dating season, and the team at LoveBeginsAt are here to kick-start your lovelife for 2015! Living in London and fed up of overpriced, underperforming bars in Shoreditch? Feeling too sophisticated for SOHO’s clubs? (We agree that they looked much better in the nineties!) It’s time to experience London your way and take your date on an experience they’ll never forget.


That’s right, we’re introducing our second interactive dating map and our first on UK shores, focusing on our date-hotspot capital. Our dating experts have chosen bars, restaurants and alternative locations for you to choose from, creating the perfect day out for you and your future someone special. Whether you like cultural excursions, fine dining, a good cocktail or all of the above we’ve got you sorted. And don’t worry – we’ve not recommended places you’ve been to a thousand times before. Seriously, how many of you have actually been to the London Dungeon? (The zoo’s an exception because you can’t beat cute animals on a date!) Many of these places are the hottest, freshest date zones on the map, so you’re sure to impress.

Why not take a look at our dating map and see for yourself? There’s plenty of places to choose from so you won’t be stuck for date two, or three or further down the line. Need inspiration? Start off at the Museum, have a lovely meal in The Wolseley and if it’s going well, take your date for a drink in Vertigo 42. Classy, original, and pretty much guaranteed to please. We’ll update the map with the best new places to date once we find them, so keep checking back and make our dating map your secret weapon to dating in London!