Looking For Love At 50 In All The Right Places

No matter your age, trying to find that special person can be difficult. For many people, they believe that it is hopeless, especially if you are someone over 50. LoveBeginsAt.com understands your plight. Shmoozing at the bar, using your dog as a conversation starter at the dog park, and flirting with your trainer just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal (or results) as they did when you were younger.

We have compiled a few ideas of where you can find love that are outside of the box. All it takes is confidence and the right mind-set and we are certain that you will be able to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right.


1. Throw a Party

We aren’t talking about a raging keg party like you may have attended in your younger days. We are talking about a casual and sophisticated party where you ask your friends to bring a guest that is new to the circle of friends. Not only will this mean you can make new acquaintances, but you may also find someone that you really hit it off with.

2. Do Something New

Who ever said that yoga was just for women and the race tracks were for men must have been living in the dark ages. Grab a friend and burst through the gender barrier and venture into new activities. If you’ve always wanted to try golf, go for it! If you’ve fancied going to a paint and sip event, don’t hesitate. These new activities are a fantastic way to introduce you to singles that you normally wouldn’t meet.

3. Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for a good cause is not only a great way to meet singles, but it is a great way to give back to the community. As a volunteer, you are surrounded by people with similar values and who obviously care about others — both of which are excellent qualities to find when you are looking for a partner. Yes, you shouldn’t volunteer solely with the purpose to meet someone new, but hey… If you should find a love connection, so be it.

4. Join a Club

Book clubs aren’t just something you hear about in the movies — they actually exist. By joining a club, whether it is a book club, gardening club, movie club, or anything else that appeals to you, you are surrounding yourself who people who share a common interest. While you are in the club, you are killing several birds with one stone. You are picking up a hobby that will break up the monotony of your everyday life, you are enriching your life and growing as a person, and you are also putting yourself in a position to make new friends and even find a love interest.

5. Online Dating

You would be surprised how many people flock to online dating once they hit a certain age. With online dating, you are able to meet a lot of people in a shorter time. Don’t fret, the stigma that online dating is seen as a last resort is quickly falling to the wayside and it is becoming a common way for relationships to start.