LoveBeginsAt our new blog!

Welcome to our brand new blog. It features exciting posts, hints and tips if you’re 45+ and want to dust off old approaches to dating, and get active in an engaging new on- and offline community.


We’re pleased to welcome our regular blog columnist, Lucy Cavendish, a renowned journalist who has written for the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and many women’s magazines.

As a 47-year-old single mother of four, Lucy ‘blogs with authority’ on life-changing events that have led her to re-launch her life, fulfilling exciting opportunities as a single person seeking romance and other fun adventures and activities.

Alongside Lucy’s posts, we’ve launched a new series called ‘What about mini-me?’, which looks at what to consider when integrating you or your date’s other kids into your meeting plans. Our first post, ‘Putting their feet in it’, cringes at near-the-knuckle quips, and how you can field those unexpected ‘pleasantries’ from our little darlings. Outnumbered anyone?

What else can the blog offer you?

In short, loads! It will feature useful content that will be up your street, whether you’re dipping your toe into the online dating pool ñ or if you’ve reached the shores of deeper dating encounters, and ready to take things to the next level.

Exclusive deals for existing LBA members

Our portal is also proud to offer special deals to our existing members so make sure you don’t miss out if you already subscribe to our services.

It’s never too late

At we realise that participating in online dating doesn’t have to be like shuffling into a cinema when the film’s already started. And the service is not just for people who were born the same year as when you left school. Above all, we’re all about being open and honest – why not join our club simply to meet other people like you, make friends or even to find a little romance.

Getting social with social media.

We also appreciate that being in your mid-forties onwards doesn’t make you middle of the road when it comes to technology. Far from it. That’s why we offer mobile dating apps for Android and Apple devices, site and chat rooms where you can meet other people when you’re on the go.

The whole caboodle

If you’re new to the dating game, we add can add a little oil to your dating wheels if they’re a wee bit rusty. And we acknowledge that your past relationship experience, good and bad, is part of the picture too. After all, life experience underpins relationships – whether you have kids or not, are a widow/ widower, bachelor or bachelorette – the whole caboodle. also runs regular social events too, bringing live dating for over 45 singles across UK locations. We provide chat rooms for those who just want to socialise on the website as well as those searching for love.

Footloose and fancy (for free)

It won’t cost you a penny to join. Or even half a penny if you can remember as far back as 1984. Our over 45s’ online dating service is free to try out and, even better, you have the freedom of choice to try our services before subscribing. We’d strongly recommend doing so.
Enjoy the blog…