Over 40 Dating Tips

You have plenty of dating opportunities out there if you’re over 40 and single. Dating after 40 is a whole lot more sophisticated than when you were younger, and you’ve got the money to enjoy it – which is definitely reason to celebrate! Be glad you’re no longer stuck asking for the cheapest drinks at the bar, or spending hours wrestling with crimpers and hair wax.


Just like Morecambe and Wise, you might play the right notes in online dating – but not necessarily in the right order! That’s why LoveBeginsAt could be music to your ears, as we’re one of the best dating sites for the over 45s. What’s our top tip for makin’ music? Create a sparkling dating profile.

Once you’ve livened up your profile you’re ready to mingle with singles over 40. Yikes! Aren’t you glad your potential partners no longer resemble Sting or Michelle Pfeiffer circa 1984? Maybe you’re not, but we’re sure glad that we’ve gotten out of that awkward fluorescent phase. What’s more, when you’re 40 plus, dating becomes less about worrying over how good you look, and more about being confident that you look great.

Online dating over 40 is a brand new adventure!

John Lennon once said ‘life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans’ – and that’s never more true than when it comes to dating. You may have travelled the world, had more careers than you can count and picked up the odd grey hair along the way, but you’re definitely older and wiser where relationships are concerned, and it’s time to make dating a priority. Whatever life has thrown at you – be it kids, a career, a divorce or two – you’re more experienced and more importantly, you know what you want.

Our final tip is to enjoy yourself! When you’re 40 and single you’re dating to suit you. Take inspiration from the heroes and heroines of your favourite 80s classics (Brat Pack or When Harry Met Sally?) and take the dating plunge.

Feeling confident? Start a new chapter in your life with our over 40 dating site. If you’ve been out of the game for a while, just remember: like riding a bike, dating will soon come back to you. We promise!