Are you over fifty? Dating advice doesn’t get easier than this!

It’s the new year and whether your resolution is to get back into the dating game, find someone you really like or even just make new friends, you’ll need to put yourself out there and make people want to get to know you. “But how do you do this?”, you might ask. It’s a common question for the over 50s, especially if you’ve spent a long time raising children, focusing on a career, or even being in a marriage that has now ended.


Our dating experts advise that you simply go for it. Take some time to decide what you want, whether it’s with other singles over 50 wanting a relationship, friendship or just a few fun dates. Then you take a deep breath and try it out. Even if you don’t think you’re a confident person, you’ve come this far on your own merits and that’s something to be proud of. Are you a parent? Have a good career? Tried hard to make a marriage work? These show you’ve got commitment, and sticking power: and that’s an attractive quality in a friend or partner. But remember: when you’re dating over 50 advice needs to make sense for your situation, so of course go for what works for you, even if it means you only jump in after you’ve tested the water!

If you want to learn more about what making people want to get to know you entails, then read on:

Be your interesting self: you’ve got some quirks at this age. Don’t pretend you don’t; unless they’re really really weird, chances are someone will find the fact you only drink red wine on Thursdays endearing. Embrace who you are and others will want to as well.

Look your best: maybe you’re used to being in your pyjamas at 8pm (or even straight after work) but putting on your best clothes, or your favourites, will give you that extra boost of confidence you might want to have when entering the room.

Chat to other singles your age: a lot of people in their 50s are in relationships, but there’s an equal number who are single just like you. If you find that all your friends are married (with no attractive single friends), make friends who will want be able to commit to doing activities more suited for singles. Even if the romance isn’t there, you’ll be in a better environment for it.

Have a back-up plan: you feel like you can’t just get up and go but you don’t want to sit through a terrible date. When you’re dating at 50 and older we like to think you’re able to assess whether someone is worthwhile; if it isn’t, make sure you have a polite exit strategy. Or opt for brutal honesty: whichever you can pull off with aplomb.

Get help from those closest to you: if you’re single over 50 you might have grown-up children. If not, you’ll still have people in your life who have known you for a very long time, so of course they’ll know you well. Grab a coffee with them, explain what you’re looking for, and we guarantee they’ll have some good advice.

There you have it! Just five of the many tips our experts have on dating for over 50s. We repeat: get out there and be interesting. We promise it’ll get you further than not trying at all.