Personalities #3 Over 40 but not over yet!

Continuing our series from, this week we take a look at another pair luminary women, this time in the arts and creative world.

It takes one to know one. Or someone aged 40 years and over that is. Today we have hand-picked a pair of influential women from They are inspiration to us all, and a landmark in successful careers that always need to be carefully balanced with personal relationships.

Honoree Number 1


Founding Open Books in 2006 and envisioning a ‘literacy community centre’, Stacy Ratner is a writer, social entrepreneur and founder of the Chicago Literacy Alliance. Open Books is a social venture that inspires over 5000 Chicago students every year in up to 80 public schools.

It includes volunteer-based 1-on-1 reading sessions, writing workshops for 3rd-12th graders, and ReadThenWrite in which teens read and discuss books from a particular genre and write their own published stories.


Most of the Open Book’s budget ($1.2 million annually), comes from earned income, including book sales – an impressive figure given the digital world of eBooks. Other ventures include a novel-writing/publishing summer camp for teens.


Adding to Stacy’s career achievements, 2014 marks her 10th year of completing the National Novel Writing Month, which challenges participants to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

Such herculean efforts leaves us wordless…

Honoree Number 2


Nancy Spector has excelled as a curator at the Guggenheim museum for 25 years where she has organised important exhibitions such as Louise Bourgeois, Maurizio Cattelan, Marina Abramovic, Gonzales Torres and many more. She now, alongside the director, defines the global strategy and oversees the creative programming for the institution and its affiliates around the world. Guggenheim-Logo

Nancy’s political views have brought a more open minded-approach in the selection of art. Symbolically, she dealt with the exhibition of work by a gay Hispanic artist who died from AIDS.

All of her hard work earned her to be named one of ArtNETs 25 Art World Women. Adding to the award, this multi-tasking mother is a role model to her two teenage children, and also the younger generation of mothers who aspire to hold down a career, dating and relationships over 45. Read last week’s post about two inspiring women in Personalities: Over 40 but not over yet!