Personalities #4: Inspired & inspiring

Continuing our series from, this week we take a look at another pair luminary women, in agriculture and human rights.

It takes one to know one. Or someone aged 40 years and over that is. Today we have hand-picked a pair of influential women from They are inspiration to us all, and a landmark in successful careers that always need to be carefully balanced with personal relationships.

Honoree Number 1

Janelle Maiococco

Janelle Maiococco is a mother of two. As a mum she has always strived to provide for them. This aspect strongly influenced the formation of Farmstr in September 2013, an online marketplace for local farmers and consumers of local and organic high quality food. The company took first place at the prestigious Northwest Entrepreneur Network’s first look Forum.

Janelle has always been surrounded by food as a trained chef and food blogger on the Talk of Tomatoes and being a farmer.

Farmstr frees farmers and other producers from third parties, being a direct contact with the customer, enabling them to earn more by selling directly to grocery stores and customers. The organisation only employs four people, and works with over 40 farmers and 300 customers in Seattle. Janelle plans to make the company nationwide.

Great news!

Honoree Number 2


Kat Gordon founded the 3% Conference, which unites advertising and media professionals to take action to change the gender imbalance and to support healthier media messages. The 3% Conference is a 2-day event, attracting more than 400 delegates across several cities over a year.

As its name suggests, the conference is named after the statistic that only 3% of creative directors in advertising agencies are women and, therefore, have a lower proportional representation in the media.

Kat’s crusade for gender equality has netted her the Marketers that Matter award from the Wall Street Journal, and she received a Proclamation from the Commission on the status of Women. She also received recognition for Conference of the year award from Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World in 2013.

Not a bad tally, especially given the fact that she nurtured these companies with the same love and dedication as she did bringing up her children, sons.

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