Personalities #2 Over 40 but not over yet!

It takes one to know one. Or someone aged 40 years and over that is.

Today we have hand-picked a pair of influential women from They are inspiration to us all, and a landmark in successful careers that always need to be carefully balanced with personal relationships.

Honoree Number 1

Erin Newkirk

This week’s pair of influential women from continues in an innovative vein, inspiring women aged 40 plus who need to balance careers with relationships and kids.

Erin Newkirk is a mother, wife and loyal friend. Dealing with so many relationships at the same time has paved the way for her to be the founder and general manager of Red Stamp, a digital and paper correspondence agency. Her business enables the exchange of easy E-cards for special occasions and daily greetings involving over 1.5 million users.


Erin and her business would believe that communication is the key in relationships, and this may ring true to those who are dating over 45. That’s why her business has been successful in developing itself by selling desk items and other personalised stationary – both of which have contributed to it being listed in the Entrepreneur Magazine (2013) of 100 brilliant Companies.


Honoree Number 2

Melissa Sterry

Melissa Sterry is a futurist and design scientist currently developing the Bionic City. This venture transfers knowledge from the Earth’s ecosystems to form a blueprint for a metropolis that is resilient to extreme meteorological and geological events. The result? A perfect platform (or storm) for bio-inspired designers, architects, builders, technologists, scientists and artists to collaborate together.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg: Melissa is also an inductee of the, winning many national and international awards. This proves her focus and dedication to her work and, thanks to her broad knowledge in different fields, nothing can stop her from exploring and building new projects.

Much like building any new relationship we suppose…