Dear Lucy, I am new on the dating scene and, although I know this may sound trivial, what do you think I should wear on my first date? I am 49, a single mother of three and haven’t worn anything much more than jeans and jumpers for years. Please help!
Katy M.

DEAR KATY, What we wear does, of course, say something about us and how we view ourselves. For example, if you went to a business meeting and the person you were interviewing was wearing dress-down jeans and a grubby t-shirt, you’d imagine they didn’t take themselves or their work too seriously.

The same goes for a date. What you wear denotes how you want others to see you but also how you view yourself. A very short skirt, plunging top and high heels might give off a very particular message so it is important to think about what you want to wear. It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed but, if it’s a first meeting, jeans and jumper may be too casual. Confidence is the key of a relaxed, happy confident person is pretty irresistible.

I would say, if it is a daytime cup of coffee, a pair of smart trousers or jeans with heeled boots and a crisp white shirt and jacket would be good. For an evening meeting I’d go for something a bit smarter as a well cut trouser suit, dress, skirt and jacket. But I’d definitely say make the effort regardless of what time or where you are meeting.