Profile Writing 101

By Nanci Kavich

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a college or even a graduate course called Profile Writing 101?  Who knows how to write these things?!  We’re thrust out into this ever changing world, just trying our hardest to keep up with our Facebook news feed, not to mention Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine (ask your kids). Now we’re expected to meet and land our soul mates online. But to attract him/her, we should have a perfectly written profile in order to sell ourselves?  Uh, yeah, no pressure!

Here I am to Save the Day!

Have no fear; Profile Wingman is here to alleviate all of your stresses and woes when it comes to your online dating profile writing, and beyond. It’s like hiring a personal marketing firm to assist with ensuring that the rest of your life is happy. This is important stuff! Until they come out with a Profile Writing 101 class, you’re either on your own, or you call me. I’ll even throw you a bone – use code LBA20 for 20% off a profile writing service. If you chose to go it alone for now, read on for some tips.

Be Honest – With a Filter

First and foremost you want to be and show your true self.   This real person, being you, is going to be exposed at some point, assuming you jump offline and actually go on a date.  Don’t waste anyone’s time!  But maybe hold back on the topics that might be better told in person. Been married four times, like to host cuddle parties, or have an extensive gun collection? These things need lengthier explanations with ample time for a live Q and A. It’s best to allude to them instead – “I have lived, loved and learned…” or “I see the value in the healing powers of gentle touch” or “I enjoy rodeos, live music and being a collector”. This opens the door for questions and discussion.


Keep Your Photos Current

Sticking with the honest theme, success does not come from profile writing alone. Photos are what people see first and what say the most about you, in a way. If you hide anything in these pics, it will eventually be revealed in person. Show all of your features:

  1. Smile! We want to see your teeth, good or bad, they’re yours!
  2. Don’t wear a hat.We want to see your hair, or lack thereof.
  3. No sunglasses. We want to see the windows to your soul.
  4. Show your full frame. It is what it is – own it!

Describe Who You’re Looking For

Some online dating sites are misleading because all they ask for is your “about me”. But you need to be specific in your quest. You don’t just want anyone, you want SOMEONE, right? This is all about quality, not quantity. Let’s stay away from asking for physical details though, shall we? Looks can change in an instant. It’s what’s in the mind and heart that is long lasting. Like Billy Joel says “I don’t want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies, all I want is someone to believe” Honestly, don’t we all?

Profile Writing 101 – In Conclusion

What have we learned? Honesty is the best policy! The anonymity of the Internet makes it so tempting to try and be someone better, thinner, smarter, funnier than whom we really are. But we’re not bots, we’re people. We have flaws – all of us! Embrace all of your wonderfully unique qualities, because that’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Be yourself – because yourself is all you have. You better work it!