Relationships After Divorce


Getting into a new relationship after a divorce can be daunting or exciting, depending on your outlook. It can also feel like you’re the only person ever to be in your situation, especially if you become single over 40. But whether the thought of starting something with someone new fills you with trepidation or excitement, it’s good to know you’re not actually alone. When you’re dating over 40 there are thousands of singles who’ve had serious partners in the past, and like you they may have shared years of their life together. Plus, most people won’t mind if you’ve previously been in a serious relationship: we’re all mature adults here and we’d maybe be a little worried if you hadn’t had a proper relationship at this age! (Don’t worry, we wouldn’t judge – it’s never too late.)

It’s also good to know you’re definitely not the only one in your situation; with the Office for National Statistics estimating there are over 1.6 million UK divorcees in their later years, you’re sure to find people with the same outlook on dating after divorce. That means you’ve got plenty of opportunity to find someone your age, in your area. Still a little cautious about relationships after divorce? LoveBeginsAt have taken a look at some famous faces who’ve found love again after marriage. We’re not talking Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry here either – these celebs are all over 40 and owning it.

Dawn French (57)

Married to fellow comedian Lenny Henry for over 25 years, French and Henry divorced amicably in 2010, when Dawn French was 52 years old. But unlike her Vicar of Dibley character, she successfully entered a relationship after her separation, and was remarried in April 2013 at 55 years old. If Dawn can do it, why can’t you?

Jim Carrey (52)

At 52 Jim Carrey has had two marriages and various long-term relationships with co-stars and other lucky ladies, which shows no sign of slowing down now he’s in his fifties. After finding love again not once, not twice but three times, all in serious relationships, Jim shows that even two separations doesn’t stop you having happy relationships after divorce.

Johnny Depp (51)

This Hollywood heartthrob, while having a series of short-lived relationships in his younger years, settled down to marriage in 1998, taking him off the market for over 14 years. Following the end of his long-term marriage to Vanessa Paradis in 2012, the superstar began dating again in 2013. Vanessa (41) has also found love again with fellow French singer Benjamin Biolay, proving that it’s not just the guys who live and love again after divorce.

Glenn Close (67)

Glenn is a gorgeously grey-haired Hollywood heroine who found love again just over 20 years after her divorce in 1987. Divorcing in her 40s didn’t stop Close from having a love life and she had romantic encounters with fellow Hollywood denizens until before marrying businessman David Evans Shaw in 2006. With her third marriage coming in at the age of 59, Glenn Close proves that you’re definitely never too old to take a walk down the aisle!

There you have it: 4 celebs who have triumphed in the world of post-divorce dating, even going on to successfully marry someone new. And it’s not only famous faces who meet someone new after a divorce: many of our members meet and date each other daily, and there’s plenty of them in the same situation as yourself. Feeling more confident? Why not check out our page on divorced dating to see more ways in which you can find the second chance you deserve.