Show Your Personality in your Style for Powerful Attraction


First impressions are made within 30 seconds. Your style speaks volumes before you even say a word. If you’d like to make an impression that is the most accurate about who you are to attract a compatible partner, your clothing is the fastest and most powerful way to communicate.

Your clothing and overall appearance gives us insight into your values and personality. You attract or put off people based on the message you communicate. When you project a personal image that is authentic to who you are, that gives you a stronger foundation to begin mutually satisfying love relationships.

To illustrate this point, I styled five different outfits using the same dress.  Let’s take a look at how different accessories allows this dress to communicate five messages.

Style Statement #1 – Classic

By pairing the dress with small-scale jewelry, it communicates traditional values.

Your Style Communicates:

This look is traditional with a modern interpretation.  The minimal use of jewelry paired with classic pumps says, “You can count on me.”

Style Statement #2 – Glam

The use of large-scale sparkly jewels makes a bold statement. It shows you have a flair for the dramatic and don’t mind being seen.

Your Style Communicates:

This look is feminine and glamorous. Your appearance suggests that you don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Your style says to the world, “I enjoy expressing myself and won’t shy away from attention!”

Style Statement #3 – Casual/Sporty

Your small scale, simple accessories and low heel pumps shows your casual and sporty style. It gives you an approachable look that easily puts people at ease.

Your Style Communicates:

The paired down style communicates a casual, friendly and approachable look. The ease and simplicity of your choices says to the world, “I am comfortable!”

Style Statement #4 – Global/Expressive

The earthy, handcrafted look to your accessories shows you have a need for freedom of expression with an artistic flair.

Your Style Communicates:

The combination of artistic, earthy pieces shows your need for personal expression. You enjoy having an individualized look with unique pieces. Your style says to the world, “I stay true to myself and follow my own lead.”

Style Statement #5 – Edgy

Accessories with edgy appeal show your style is rooted in your curious and rebellious nature. It shows you enjoy being a little shocking and experimental with details that give a wink to your wild side!

Your Style Communicates:

You are creative, strategic and unconventional. You enjoy keeping people guessing with confident looks that stand out. Your style says to the world, “Yes, I don’t mind attention and no, I won’t blend”.