Single Mom Dating 101


As a single parent, you may find it difficult to set aside some time for yourself. How many times has your friends wanted to set you up on a blind date, but you’ve turned them down because you just do not have time to sit through a meal with a complete stranger — especially not when your kid has a big Science project due in the morning and you said you would help? You may feel like you are going to be alone until the kids are old enough to do their own thing, but that isn’t true. You can breathe new life into your dating life quite easily; and it can start right now, if you sign up for an online dating site made especially for single parents.

Maybe you’ve already tried an online site and haven’t had much luck. We at have created a list of dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when jumping into the single mom dating world.

Do: Be the Boss

If you ask some people, they say that a mother’s place is at home with her children. To a point, this is true… However, you still need some adult time away from the kids. When someone tries to say negative things about you dating again, nip that in the bud and tell them to mind their own business!

Don’t: Make Introductions

Although your kids are your pride and joys, it isn’t a good idea to introduce them to every guy you go out on a date with. Only make the introductions when you are starting to have serious feelings for the guy and you’ve already talked about a commitment of some sort.

Do: Honesty is the Best Policy

When you want to have adult play time, be prepared to answer any questions your kids may have. It is never okay to lie or be sneaky about what you’re doing. If you don’t want to answer the questions, perhaps you should refrain from the adult play dates, if you get the idea.

Don’t: Make them a Co-Parent

Even if you’ve been seeing someone for a while, you do not want to make them a stand in parent — even if they adore your kids. The only time it is okay to lean on them is when you both are ready for that level of commitment. After all, the people who you let into your kid’s lives can make a lasting impression.

Do: Keep Your Priorities in Check

You may be having the time of your life with Mister So-and-So, but you have to remember that you have kids at home and they come first. So even if the guy is incredibly charming and wants to take you out the same evening of your daughter’s recital, you have to get your hormones under control and do the right thing.

Don’t: Sacrifice Your Fun

Just because you are a single mom, dating does not mean that you have to avoid intimacy and enjoying yourself while out on a date. You are allowed have fun away from the kids, so get out there and liven things up!