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What Do Singles in the UK Consider a Great First Date?


You’ve been talking to someone special on your favorite over 40 dating site for quite a while now, and you’ve finally worked up the nerve to ask them out on a date. When they say yes, you may be wracking your brain trying to figure out what would be the best activity in order to secure a second date.

You may have heard the old “rule of thumb” when it comes to first dates — you know the one, where you shouldn’t go out for a dinner and a movie because it is the “typical” date option. While this may be true, the staff at LoveBeginsAt.com asked our members to participate in a poll about what activities they think are perfect for a first date. You may be surprised to find out the results!

Let’s start off by saying, if you like live music or go to a comedy club, it is probably best to save that for a date further down the line or just take one of your friends. Only 2% of women said they would be willing to see live music or a comedy act, whereas none of the men who were polled said they would even entertain the thought.

Next in the list of things to do, we created categories such as outdoorsy activities like hiking, picnic, bike ride, active activities like dancing, bowling, or rock climbing, and nerdy activities like going to art galleries or museums. These didn’t rank very well among UK singles. Outdoor activities only received 7% of the votes (8% of women and 4% of men), active activities received 2% of the votes (1% of women and 2% of men), and nerdy dates only received 2% of the votes (only 2% of men and women find museums date worthy). So, if you had a date planned around going to the art museum and then a picnic in the park… Maybe you want to rethink that.

So what are the top date choices? We have coffee and drinks after work tend to be the preferred first date options, as they garnered 47% of the vote. For folks in the UK, it seems like it doesn’t take them very long to know if they want to spend more time with their date. After all, it doesn’t take too long to have a couple cups of coffee or a few drinks at the pub.

One of the reasons why coffee or a drink may be so popular is because you have a chance to have a conversation with no distractions — all you have is a cup of coffee or a pint of beer in front of you. You don’t have to be put off by the way they chew their food at dinner, nor do you have to sit in silence for 2 hours during a movie. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense! Plus, if you opt for a drink at the pub, the alcohol may give you some liquid courage and put both you and your date’s nerves at ease.