Skip the Playdates and Go on Your Own Dates

We love our kids, that is a fact; but, sometimes you just need to spend some time with someone who doesn’t eat Cheerios with their fingers or whose idea of good programming doesn’t consist of Spongebob Squarepants (well… Perhaps these qualities can be endearing in the right person). You may feel like the only way you can meet someone new is by trolling the playground or making playdates with that cute dad you met at the grocery store. While these are all well and fine, has a few other ideas that may help you get out of those mom jeans and back into that slinky black dress.


1. The Gym

While you may not be wearing that slinky dress at the gym, you are working to get your body tight so that dress will look phenomenal. Okay, so maybe the gym isn’t the sexiest place to meet someone — you’re both sweaty and surrounded by other sweaty people grunting and flexing; but think of it this way, you can scope out their bodies while and see what they are working with.

2. Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor music festivals are fantastic places to meet other single parents, plus it is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy some excellent music. The laid back atmosphere is ideal for striking up a conversation. You never know, if things go well, you may be dancing together and sharing snacks in no time.

3. Speed Dating

You may think that speed dating is something of a last resort, but it can be pretty fun. Sure you may meet a few odd ducks, but you can also find some top quality folks. Speed dating is fantastic way to meet a few different people in one night, which is perfect if you have difficulty finding a baby sitter. Even if you don’t take the experience seriously, you can always use your foray in speed dating as practice. You may not realize it, but sometimes single parents stop flirting and letting others know they are available because their main focus is caring for their children. Sometimes you have to remember to care for yourself, too.

4. Blind Date

Before you scoff at the suggestion of a blind date, take a second to really consider the idea. Most people only ask their trusted family members and friends to set them up. Instead, try branching out and asking other people if they know of anyone who you may be interested in. If this doesn’t feel like a viable option, you could always host an adults-only get-together and have your guests bring someone new to the party. By doing this, you are able to meet a slew of new people — some of which you may have a connection with.

5. Online Dating

Being a single parent doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Because of this, online dating is becoming one of the primary ways single parents meet others. It can be a new experience and it may take some getting used to, especially if you’ve never tried it before. But, if you give online dating a shot, you never know what kind of great people you can meet. Who knows, you just may find the love of your life!