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At LoveBeginsAt, we constantly seek new ways to enjoy life over 45. But to do this in style, sometimes we need a little inspiration. And by ‘inspiration’ we don’t mean celebrity envy or jaw-dropping and unattainable lifestyles. We mean real people, real members of LoveBeginsAt, living real lives.

Meet Sally

For example, meet Sally. She works with fabrics for an interior design house and joined LoveBeginsAt earlier this year. She’d like to meet someone with “a massive sense of humour” and likes LoveBeginsAt because you get to meet people over 45 who’ve been through a lot of the same things.

Read more about Sally here.

Meet Gary

Gary’s job always raises an eyebrow: professional Mind Reader. Yes, you read that right!

Gary loves the independence that comes with being over 45 and while, as for many of us, kids are a high priority in his life, he enjoys not worrying about babysitters any more. Gary feels that we “need to make the most of every moment of every day.” Can’t argue with that!

Read more about Gary here.

Inspired? Start celebrating life over 45 today!

LoveBeginsAt is more than just a dating site. Many of our members find us through our sell-out wine tasting events in London, while others join us to meet new people without the pressures of bars and clubs.

From going out and dating, to that niggling feeling that you could be doing more with your life, everyone has their own reason for joining LoveBeginsAt. And with your free profile, you can try it for yourself before having to commit. What’s your reason?