Star Singles: Meet Sally (Video)

Meet Sally.

She’s 59 and works with fabrics for high-end interior design house Andrew Martin. Earlier this year, Sally made the decision to join We asked her a few questions about her life.

What are you looking for in a partner?

“A massive sense of humour. Most other things don’t matter.”


What’s most important in your life right now? 

“At my stage of life the most important things are obviously my childrens’ happiness, that my life is full that I’ve got something to look forward to, have a lot of fun, and I laugh a lot.”

What do you like about LoveBeginsAt? 

“I like the idea of LoveBeginsAt because it’s not just a dating site. It’s more about hobbies and interests, and it focuses on people 45 and over – my age group.”

And what is it about people over 45? 

“I’d rather date singles over 45 because you have a lot more in common, you can laugh about the same things, you usually have kids about the same age and you’ve been through the same sort of life.”

Like most of us over 45, Sally knows what she wants, and striking a balance between work, family and good laugh is clearly important.

Tell us what you love about being over 45?