What Does the Color You Wear Say About You?

By: Sybil Henry

What to wear on a first date is a commonly asked question and choosing the color you wear can influence how you’d like to be perceived. Color is a powerful means of expression.All colors have meanings that provoke emotion and communicate an unspoken statement about who you are. Color is so powerful that it can produce unconscious physical and emotional reactions. It can excite, calm, and draw you towards or move you away from others.

The best use of color is matching it to your personality so you can create the most consistent and accurate message. By understanding the underlying meaning of colors and how they can affect others, you can make style color choices with thoughtful intention. The outcome is a powerful and accurately personal expression of who you are from the inside out.

The list below details meanings associated with each color for you to make informed style decisions. You can choose colors to reveal more about yourself or to create the most desirable outcome on your date!


If you want to…

  1. Increase your energy and get the heart of your date pounding
  2. Show you’re interested in romance

Wearing red will…

  1. Provoke passion, excitement and reveal your confidence
  2. Encourage action, confidence and sexual interest


If you want to…

  1. Attract or be the center of attention
  2. Encourage socializing

Wearing orange will…

  1. Inspire connection and spontaneity
  2. Radiate warmth and youthful energy


If you want to…

  1. Show that you are romantic and ultra-feminine
  2. Signal that you are nurturing and sensitive 

Wearing pink will…

  1. Show your softer side
  2. Project that you are relaxed and approachable


If you want to…

  1. Look sophisticated regal and elegant
  2. Be memorable, strong and unique

Wearing purple will…

  1. Offer a sense of spirituality
  2. Calms the mind and gives reassurance


If you want to…

  1. Show you are approachable and sincere
  2. Wear a color that is universally loved by all

Wearing blue will…

  1. Have a calming effect and facilitate communication
  2. Be easy to wear and flatters everyone


If you want to…

  1. Attract attention and create a vibrant, happy aura
  2. Accelerate the thinking process and activate memory

Wearing yellow will…

  1. Facilitate happiness and optimism
  2. Show you are fun and vibrant


If you want to…

  1. Project a sense of balance with an earthy wholesomeness
  2. Facilitate friendship and harmonious interaction

Wearing green will…

  1. Bring harmony, project health and wellbeing
  2. Enhance your beauty


If you want to…

  1. Evoke independence and creativity
  2. Be mysterious and dramatic

Wearing black will…

  1. Create a sense of potential and possibility
  2. Inspire a feeling of elegance and style


If you want to…

  1. Show that you are grounded and deep
  2. Be perceived as patient and practical

Wearing brown will…

  1. Signal that you are approachable, trustworthy and dependable
  2. Khaki gives a classic look
  3. Camel is sophisticated and brings even more depth when worn head to toe or paired with dark brown or black
  4. Dark browns are the most stable and have an earthy reliability


If you want to…

  1. Reveal an open-mind with an aura of purity and honesty
  2. Promote a fresh beginning

Wearing white will…

  1. Suggest pulled-together perfection
  2. Add light to your face, soften fine lines and give you the appearance of looking years younger

Your choice of color can give your date a peek into your personality. It can also have an influence on an intended outcome, inspire communication or set the tone for more meaningful interaction. Enjoy your date!