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Single Parent Dating Site

It's your turn to get out there and make time for you. The kids are getting a little older, you're getting a little wiser, and now’s the best time to experience one of the best single parent dating sites. Don't think you're the only person out there looking for dating websites for single parents; it's a little different from your younger days and there’re plenty of people in the same situation, so embrace it! Meet other parents with LoveBeginsAt.com; we've got fantastic, members-only chatrooms where you can chat about everything and anything, including your wonderful kids if you like. If you meet someone you click with, we also host a range of events that'll guarantee you a good night out without having to worry about getting home too late.

Relax, unwind and relish your freedom: at LoveBeginsAt.com, we're here for all our members, providing dating that suits you. Sign up for a free profile today and try us out: you just might end up dating single moms or dads just like you!

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Advice for Dating Single Moms and Dads

If it's the first time you've dated in a while, it doesn't matter whether you're a single father dating again, or a single mom: it can be a daunting experience. You're a mature adult, with the means to enjoy yourself; but you're also aware of the fact you have very real responsibilities. It isn't like dating in your younger years... but isn't that great? You know what you want, you know your circumstances, and you're mature enough to have a great time without waking up with a headache. Needing a few pointers on other single moms' dating habits? Want more advice for dating a man with children? Read on:

  • Be honest with yourself. Know you've got to leave at 5pm? Plan a daytime-date, and take in an art gallery, matinee show, or catch a movie – there's plenty to do during the day and no need to stick to the classic coffee shop!
  • Organize in advance. Are you going to one of our events, or is this your third date and you want to have a really good night? Plan ahead for some good, old fashioned fun, and hire a babysitter for your kids. If they're old enough to be on their own, let them know you'll be coming in late – you may even get a hot chocolate on arrival!
  • Don't be afraid to be yourself. Often, we fall into the role of parents, no matter how old our children are, or even when they're not there! You are your own person: relax and let yourself unwind. You and your date will definitely enjoy yourselves more that way.
  • Talk about your kids – if you want. A common concern when it comes to single parent dating is “should I tell my date about my kids?” Of course – if you want. All our members are older and wiser than on many other dating sites, so you shouldn't feel like your children are something that needs to be kept secret. You've experienced a lot at this point in your life: why leave out some of the best bits? Of course, if you're feeling a little nervous about this at first, that's perfectly fine too. Just be yourself, and talk about your kids if you want to. You may be surprised to find your date has children, too!

Specialized Single Mom/Dads Dating Site

When it comes to single parents, dating sites often forget that parents do have other interests. It can be hard to manage the school run, plan weekend activities with the kids, and still find some time for yourself. You still love the same hobbies as before – maybe you've even got more – and we understand that when it comes to dating, you often want a little “me” time, enjoying your hobbies with like-minded people. Can't quite leave the kids alone just yet? Make sure you take advantage of our chat rooms, where it doesn't matter if it's 3am or 3pm. Here's some of the other benefits you'll receive from a site that understands what people dating with kids are looking for:

  • Dedicated dating advisers, on hand to answer any of your questions: be they about making the most of the site, taking the next step, or finding out more information about an event.
  • A regularly updated blog section, featuring advice posts on everything from dating in your 40s to dating advice for single moms and dads. Go on, give it a read. We promise it's very educational (and fun!).
  • A strong commitment to the continued happiness and safety of our users; we want you to feel safe and confident when using our site, and the added responsibility of having children means you want to be absolutely clear on this. We're committed to making LoveBeginsAt.com a place where you can enjoy a little fun in a safe environment.
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